I would have to write a novel to get us both on the same page. So i'll just sum it up like this: I have 2 amazing kids, good friends i can count on one hand, and an impossible ex who is the father of my daughter. This blog will be about that.

Life is hard but i always try to remember...

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Your comments.

So, I never use my yahoo account, cos...i only made it to sign up for a blogger.

I just went to it, and saw i've missed comments from you guys.

So real quick-
hope your little guy kept the antlers on for you
one day when my whole house is clean, i WILL show you more :P
and my parents bought me and the kids a condo, that is set up more like a townhouse, but, is technically a condo. it rocks.
Oh, and i cut my hair.
I hate it.


  1. I wish I had parents like yours haha!
    I like your hair. You look pretty with both long and short hair! :)

  2. thanks & thanks.
    and my parents kinda rock :P