I would have to write a novel to get us both on the same page. So i'll just sum it up like this: I have 2 amazing kids, good friends i can count on one hand, and an impossible ex who is the father of my daughter. This blog will be about that.

Life is hard but i always try to remember...

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas dolls.

Just a few photo updates, really. Nothing much else to say except MERRY CHRISTMAS, and soon i'm gonna update on the "Peter Sitch" :P

Monday, December 20, 2010

5 days left & i'm completely unprepared.

But lookie how cuuuute

I've been talking to my ex alot lately.
Peter, the awesome one, not Jason.

I'd share all his emails with you here,
but you'd lose interest, quick :P

Your comments.

So, I never use my yahoo account, cos...i only made it to sign up for a blogger.

I just went to it, and saw i've missed comments from you guys.

So real quick-
hope your little guy kept the antlers on for you
one day when my whole house is clean, i WILL show you more :P
and my parents bought me and the kids a condo, that is set up more like a townhouse, but, is technically a condo. it rocks.
Oh, and i cut my hair.
I hate it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Weird day, yeah...weird.

I am so sorry for how much text is in this post.
I never like to read super-texty posts, so i apollogize for this
I'm at safeway this morning, this adorable guy lets me cut in line.

Back out in the parking lot, he starts to approach me at my car, and i suddenly panic and just don't want to talk to him. [why? who knows]

So i duck into my car and i can see him look a little bummed and start heading back to his car.

Then i see him start to laugh.

I look around and realize i don't have my diet coke in the car.

Why? cos its outside on top of my trunk of course.

I attempt to do a few ninja moves to grab it real quick while he stands there with a very amused look on his face.

He asks if he can have my number to give me a call sometime.
I tell him no, i'm sorry, and feel the awkward silence.

I then say, 'you can have my diet coke?' and shove it at him and drive away.

i'm smoothe, i know.
i now have no diet coke.
Later this same day, out again,
a male comes up to me and appollogizes for cutting me off the other day.
Thinking its just a lame pick up line, but curious because i WAS cut off the other day, i inquire as to what type of car he drive.
"A light brown truck"

Sure enough. It was him.
I have videos I want to upload...Or maybe I'll make a link. Yes, i will make a link.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

to you, and you, and you.

Shots from the day. Didn't reallllly end up how i wanted, but ::shrugs:: what're ya gonna do?

mry xmas.