I would have to write a novel to get us both on the same page. So i'll just sum it up like this: I have 2 amazing kids, good friends i can count on one hand, and an impossible ex who is the father of my daughter. This blog will be about that.

Life is hard but i always try to remember...

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturdays are supposed to rock.

This one is just going to be a lazy one.

I have no clue how we are going to survive through today with me being sick as a dog :( My poor kids.

No soccer game for Carter today either, i guess i'll hafta let him run wild in the house to excert that energy :)

We were gonna try to feed Clara some baby food again, but we know how that went last time....

We want to start decorating for Christmas this weekend too :)
We plan to go with to the same tree farm we go every year to pick out and cut down a tree with our family, but for our own place, Carter and i REALLY want this tree:

My dad thinks we're nuts for not wanting a real one, since we've always had one, but i figure, we celebrate Christmas at their place anyways, and with Clara crawling around, i'd rather her not eat the tree :D

i'll be back for more later-- poopy diaper change :P
We just made hot cocoa :)
but i'm sick and can't even taste it :(
atleast C can!


So Carter's with my dad and Clara's with her dad for the next hour.
I should be sleeping. But instead i'm going through old photojournalism work.
I miss shooting :(

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  1. We're having a lazy Saturday here too. I'm trying to get myself energized for work tonight but it's just not happening.