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Friday, November 19, 2010

It's time for a change.

So first off, this man i'm about to speak of is 30. not some immature kid with room to grow. he's a grown man. age-wise.

We have a parenting plan of 2 hours, daily.
Now, he's never been a great man to me, but now he's starting to lose it as a father as well.
Not acceptable.
And time for a change.
He has always returned her early for various reasons, but the last week is when it has really peaked.

One day, he returns her early, saying, "I FINALLY found a way to tune her out" and pulls EARPLUGS out of his ears.

Our daughte is 4 months old.

The next day i drive up to his house, to get her early again, and can hear her SCREAMING from outside. I come in, she's bright red, real tears, just distraught.

I ask him what's happened, he says, 'what do you mean? she's here..this is what she always does when she's here'.

And today, he only lasted about 40 minutes with her.

So my prediciment is this:

She doesn't deserve to have 2 hours a day where she's completely distraught

But my son doesn't deserve to be subjected to spending any time with him either by having him come here for his 2 hours.

So, this week i'll be reevaluating the parenting plan looking for a solution to my problem.

But tonight i have 2 kids to put to bed, an eye infection and a cold.

What a negative first post this is.

I promise i'm no negative nancy, I just started this on a rough day. :]

My life saver today:

Back for more---

So today I tried different things with Clara to see if i could get her less...'dependent' on me, if that's even how you'd classify what she is [she really just doesnt like being with daddy]. I gave her a paci, and she actually took it. I put her down to nap with it, instead of nursing to sleep :[ and then when she woke up, i had her wake up to a picture of her dad instead of seeing me right away.

As much as i can't stand him, i'd pretty much do anything for her.
So it's like, 'conditioning her' to being able to stand being with him.

But from there 42 minute visit today, obviously, it's isn't working :(

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