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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I would rather eat my own hand...

...then go shopping on black Fridy.

Went shopping with a girlfriend today, while Carter was still at my parents and Clara tagged along, riding first class in her stroller.

We went to the mall, and I was impressed at what a good parking spot I managed to score. [Saying to my friend for the 10 millionth time, 'The mall should have family parking like IKEA does!!']

Entering the mall a man held the door for me 'n my apple pink stroller, and i dusted the snow off my friend's head to get rid of that 'i'm bringing dandruff back' look.

And that was about the last of the holiday spirit we experienced during our shop.

I don't know how many different times my stroller got knocked into just going down the walkway in the mall or how many 16 year old girls with their mom's bumped into us while going through clothes racks, we even witnessed a 2nd grade style, "did you just CUT me in line?!".

After about 20 minutes, I was already ready to go home, hang up my new purple christmas lights, and call it a day.

So i just know, if i can't even handle a regular holiday season saturday spent shopping, there is no way on earth i could come even close to surving black Friday.

Yeah, I'd be one of the 12 who are going to get trampled this year.

But for those of you who are braving the crowds this black Friday...
....Have fun!!!

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